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This is the art gallery for Dharm Khalsa, a urban artist based in Denver CO. I have been doing art since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My artwork is strongly influenced by comic books, street art and DJ music culture. Whatever your relationship to art may be... I hope you find something that you connect with or speaks to you in my body of work. I am always updating my artwork and adding new products to my Apparel Store.

Contact me if you need illustrations, concept artapparel design and comic book artist. I am affordable, a good people person and know how to work in a professional environment, due to many years in the web industry.  licensetoink@gmail.com

Coming Soon... Unicorn Man Comic

Unicorn Man CoverUnicorns are the most majestic creatures on the planet. When a unicorn sees you, it doesn’t freeze. You do. The unicorn’s peaceful spirit is said to penetrate their being. Gone is the hate and darkness that corrode the soul. In it’s place? A warm, inner peace that takes over—calming, soothing, giving. Talk about a super power, right? Well our hero doesn’t have it! Hell, he can barely walk straight most days.

Battling the demons of addiction, Unicorn Man struggles to find clarity as he so desperately tries to see through the fog and into his past. Who was he? How did this happen? Who did this to him? To make things even more difficult for our horned crusader, Unicorn horn happens to be the most sought after substance on the planet because of its many powerful medicinal properties. So now he’s got that to deal with, too.

Will our hero be able to keep his head amidst the day-to-day madness? Stay tuned for the exciting and often R-rated adventures of Unicorn Man to find out.

For more info checkout unicornmancomic.com


Other cool things that I participate in:

Quickpose exercises multiple times a week is one of the best ways to improve your drawing anatomy. Your Welcome!!  

I have been DJing at raves, bars and clubs for the past seventeen years in a wide range of music genres. Check out some DJ mixes.